How They Stash the Cash


How They Stash the Cash


It happens all the time. A business owner gets served with divorce papers then tries to convince the court that business is suffering. Stories vary, but the argument is the same: there is no money to pay for spouse and child support.

In these situations, a forensic accountant may become involved and discover what the spouse already knows that the business owner's income is just as high as it used to be.

In this book, Mark Kohn draws upon 25 years of professional experience as a forensic accountant to show readers how to detect when a spouse is hiding income and how to find it.

In this book, readers will learn . . .

What is hidden income?

When is income hidden legally?

What are the methods used to find illegal hidden income?

Will the IRS find the illegal hidden income?

. . . and much more.

Through case studies from the author's own experience, How They Stash the Cash gives readers the tools they need to uncover hidden income and receive a fair share of support and divorce assets

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