The Divorce may be final, but the Careless Use of Social Media Lingers On

by: Tasher

Your divorce is final, and now you may think its OK to start trashing your ex on social media, well think, again. Anything you post can and in many cases will be used against you. This is especially true if you have children.

Many times a person has posted comments and photos about their fun night out and the next thing they know they are in court explaining what they were doing and why those comments were made. Don’t worry — you won’t have to tell your ex about your life. There are many people that will be very happy to share the information.

Alexandra was always known for being a wonderful mother, and her children were her life. Then one night when the children were with their father and his new wife — everything changed. Alexandra had always liked having a high number of friends on her social media. She had blocked her ex and his new wife but did not review her list of friends and remove the ones she really didn’t know and kept accepting new people. Her ex’s new wife Lynda made up a new account under a fake name, Nouvelle Epouse, for her new just-for-this-purpose email account. Lynda watched her new story every day and reported what she learned to her husband while they documented everything. Her activity even included taking photos of the chat rooms and forum discussions.

On the weekend that changed Alexandra’s life, her friends got her to go out drinking, and they tagged every place they went then added photos along with comments. As the evening went on, the comments, and photos became more inappropriate. When they all got back to Alexandra’s home, someone had the bright idea that it would be funny to trash Alexandra’s ex and Lynda on the social network. Alexandra's comments began by stating her ex was an abusive womanizing alcoholic and the list went on and on. The post that Lynda was a prostitute that broke up Alexandra’s marriage was just the beginning. She “bragged” about how much money she has now because of the child support and how she had purchased all kinds of items for herself with the extra money. The language in the posts was far from ladylike and did not portray Alexandra’s true character at all. All the posts were not true, including the ones about money, but being tipsy the group “thought” they were funny.

Within a month, Alexandra was served papers to appear in court regarding the custody of her children and slander. Alexandra’s ex won the case with all the “evidence” that had come from social media. Now Alex is labeled an unfit mother, an alcoholic, abusive — and that is just the beginning. Just think of all she has lost because of carelessness on social media on one night mixed with a few too many. When she finally cleaned out her friend list and came to Nouvelle Epouse, Alex emailed her “good friend” that she had shared so much with these last few months and asked where they had met. Lynda replied just one sentence “Nouvelle Epouse means New Wife in French.”

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