There is Hope After Healing...

Experiencing trauma, toxic stress, grief and loss, divorce, or abuse in this life at any age, from any socioeconomic level or culture can lead to emotional pain and mental, physical, and spiritual health challenges and harm.

Hope After Healing's Mission:



Offer Helpful Resources and Information



to those we serve, including individuals (children and adults), couples, parents, and families,

helping them heal their lives

from the Inside Out.  

Our goal is to help you heal and move forward with your life, living a healthier, happier, joyful life.

Our professional and licensed counselors, coaches, and team are here to offer:

Resources and Helpful Information

Crisis and Suicidal Ideation Text Help Line

ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Assessment and Questionnaire


Support Groups

Supportive Programs

Our work is effective, evidence-based, and measurable, resulting in a positive impact for those we serve.

Our team can refer you to additional resources you may need within our communities in Northern California and Utah. We partner and collaborate with many other organizations and professionals. It is true, we are all in this together.

When individuals, children, and families begin to heal their lives, our communities begin to heal.

We are here to help you put one foot in front of the other, and heal your life from the "Inside Out!" 





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